Here's a sample of what procurement and contract professionals have said about Bob:

For our next conference, we are going to have to try to clone Bob so we can have him presenting at every session all day long. He was the highlight of our annual event.
His contribution to our event played a major role in its success.
We really enjoyed Robertís presentation. Terrific!
Bob’s seminars are an absolute must have. They provided me with a rock solid foundation in the principles of contract law that anyone purchasing for their organization must possess in order to be truly effective.
The information we gained from your seminars has proven extremely valuable.
Because of the new skills Iíve developed as a result of your seminars, Iíve been asked to take the lead in the management of our contracts team. Your courses have meant a lot to my career as a professional purchaser. Thanks Bob!
You are the master! Your presentation was loved by all.
The handouts were outstanding, the presentation was brilliant.
Bob’s seminars are fun-filled, information-packed and sprinkled lightly with humour.
Insightful, thought-provoking and very relevant.
Excellent and thoughtful presentation.
An amazing seminar, packed full of useful information.
The audience was appreciative of Robert’s candour, enthusiasm and insight.
Robert was so receptive to our questions and provided excellent expertise and insight.
Robert presented the material in an extremely enjoyable and personable way.
A useful and informative workshop for all staff.
We were overwhelmed by the great value of the seminar - Robert is an excellent presenter.
Very entertaining and enlightening delivery and very positive response from all attendees!
I really enjoyed this seminar, I have never been so happy about any course I have attended.
Very entertaining and easy to follow.
The seminar was exceptionally well received by attendees.
He sure knows his stuff.
A very dynamic speaker. Always informative, current and entertaining.
Robert is awesome! Course was very well done and very professional.
Robert is articulate, informed, and interesting. A fantastic seminar!
With its fun-filled facts and examples and a binder of valuable information – Robert’s seminar will be remembered as one of the best presentations we have had in our 30 years of workshops!
Very personable and engaging.
Never missed a beat…gave straight answers to difficult questions, very knowledgeable with a terrific sense of humour.
Very relevant.
Exceeded my expectations.
Good, excellent stuff!
Excellent information, exactly what I needed.
Valuable information, well presented and entertaining.
By far the best...I got my money's worth on this one!
He makes the law come alive.
Colourful, interesting instructor.
One of the best seminars I've ever attended.
The instructor is dynamic, a great speaker.
The most useful seminar I've ever taken.
Very relevant information…superb instructor.
Great instructor great materials, great course!
Lively, well presented and interesting seminar - Bob's the best!
Clear, concise, lots of real examples.
Bob is the best instructor I've ever had!
Fully knowledgeable and entertaining presenter.
Very informative.
The best so far.
Well done, excellent!
Insights and anecdotes made the seminar interesting.
Practical, very relevant and applicable.
The instructor is very knowledgeable and is a very good presenter.
Extraordinary and interesting.
Fun, practical delivery of material.
Very dynamic and flexible.
Excellent presenter, extremely knowledgeable.
No fancy lingo, a very important seminar.
The instructor was very impressive with his knowledge and ability to communicate.
Wealth of information.
Thought-provoking and interesting.
This instructor makes it happen!
Made a very dry topic quite interesting and enjoyable.
Very practical and entertaining.
Great presentation, great legal stories.
Extensive information coverage.
Great instructor - good speaker.
Excellent seminar.
Instructor made material very interesting and presented in a manner that was easily understandable.
Instructor entertaining and the information is very useful
Good examples used to make subject come alive and real.
Valuable, relevant information.
Very enjoyable presentation, excellent information, presented very understandably.
Very astute, organized and pleasing presentation.

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