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(One Day)

In this full-day seminar, we examine the current law and practice of Requests for Proposals, including:

• Binding and non-binding RFPs
• The Request for Proposal Contract
• The Obligations of the Owner in Requests for Proposals
• The Obligations of the Proponents in Requests for Proposals
• The Risks of pre-award commitments
• Negligent Misstatement and controlling this legal risk
• Evaluation criteria and systems in RFPs
• Mandatory v. Desirable Criteria in evaluation and award
• Bias and Conflicts of Interest in Competitive Bidding
• Negotiation with Proponents - risks and rewards
• Common problems in RFPs
• Recent cases concerning RFP law and practice
• Liability of consultants in RFPs

In this course we examine the Request for Proposal process and explore in-depth the new Laws of Competitive Bidding covering the RFP process. We cover the basis of these changes in law, the new legal duties of the owner who issues the RFP and the corresponding obligations upon bidders. Following this, we look at several topics and issues of a practical nature with respect to RFPs. Throughout, we will review numerous case summaries and legal issue notes covering topics relevant to RFPs.

All participants will receive a detailed and comprehensive set of course materials and case summaries.

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About the Instructor:


An award-winning lecturer in law, Robert C. Worthington, LLB, has taught purchasers, contract managers and their legal counsel throughout Canada for 30 years, specializing in the laws of contract, competitive bidding and procurement. He has written three books on contract and procurement law, designed especially for contracting and purchasing professionals. All of Robert's publications and law seminars are entertaining as well as informative. For more information, please check out the links on this website.

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