Worthington & Associates Ltd. offers legal education to help professional purchasers, materials managers, supply managers, and contract administrators reduce their legal risk and expand their legal knowledge. Our principal, Robert C. Worthington, LLB, is an award-winning lecturer in law, with 30 years of experience teaching the laws of purchasing, contracting, and competitive bidding. Our clients can immediately apply the fundamental principles learned from our products to their everyday business. We think you'll agree, our products and services are worth their weight in gold!

Our one and two-day in-house law courses allow you to train all your staff to help avoid legal jeopardy. Each course is custom-designed to give you the most up-to-date law in an easy to understand way, using your own company's documents and policies. They're fast, efficient, affordable, and - believe it or not - they're FUN! We also offer public seminars from time to time. Please visit our Calendar page for details. We are here to help you and your organization rise to the legal challenges inherent in purchasing, contracting, and competitive bidding. Contact us today!

A dynamic speaker, an excellent presenter, and a true asset to every organization he has assisted, Robert will custom-design Keynote addresses for any corporate event. Robert doesn't speak in legalese - he gives his audiences straight talk and straight answers - and he always adds a little humour to his presentations, just to keep things light. When you're planning your next corporate event, we hope you'll treat your members and guests to a lively, entertaining presentation by Robert Worthington. We know they'll want to see him again!

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No time to attend our seminars? Ask about Robert's four books! There are three on purchasing and contract law, The Purchasing Law Handbook, The Public Purchasing Law Handbook and The Desktop Guide to Procurement Law. Must-have desktop references, these indispensable guides are written and designed especially for Canadian procurement professionals in the private and public sectors.

Negotiation: Principles, Tips and Tactics for Successful Deal-Making - this brand new, must-read publication is written in plain language for procurement professionals (it's a great guide for your legal counsel as well). It will help everyone who reads it to become a better negotiator! While Negotiation was written just for you, the busy contract and materials manager, it's a great read for anyone working in the professional world!

A flier containing information on all Robert's books, is available HERE.

To order the Desktop Guide to Procurement Law, click HERE. The Guide is filled cover-to-cover with helpful tips, tricks, checklists and articles to bring you what you need to know about procurement law. Order today !

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Visit our website periodically to check out our newest seminars. We're interested in hearing from you, so keep in touch via Email, or sign up to our Mailing List and we'll be sure to let you know when we're in your region.

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