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A One-Day Legal Education Seminar
Presented by Robert C. Worthington, LLB

A full day of instruction focusing upon the basic rules and laws of contract, including:

•   Essential elements of a contract
•   Verbal, fax and e-mail contracting
•   Common problems in contract formation
•   Purchase orders and other form contracts
•   Breach of contract - rights and remedies
•   Enforcing your contractual rights
•   Improving your rights and remedies
•   Tips, tricks and checklists for contracting
•   Problems in performance
•   Managing Contractors
•   Contracting with U.S. Suppliers
•   Change Orders and amending the contract

Who Should Attend:

Those who can benefit from this course are private and public sector purchasers and managers; vendors and contractors who supply goods and services; anyone who hires or manages service contractors and suppliers for their organization; bidders and sub-trade contractors; and anyone who wants to learn more about how to make exceptional, enforceable contracts. The course has proven to be of particular interest to people working in the following fields:

•   Airports, Airlines and Aerospace Engineering
•   Educational Institutions; Universities, Colleges, School Boards
•   Federal and Provincial Governments, Crown Corporations, Municipalities and Districts
•   Forest Industry, Pulp and Paper
•   Manufacturing and Distribution
•   Medical Care Facilities, Hospitals and Health Authorities
•   Mining, Minerals and Chemicals
•   Oil and Gas Companies
•   Power Companies and Public Utilities
•   Telecommunications
•   Private Business and Services
•   Purchasing and Professional Associations.

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An award-winning lecturer in law, Robert C. Worthington, LLB, has taught purchasers, contract managers and their legal counsel throughout Canada for 30 years, specializing in the laws of contract, competitive bidding and procurement. He has written three books on contract and procurement law, designed especially for contracting and purchasing professionals. All of Robert's publications and law seminars are entertaining as well as informative. For more information, please check out the links on this website.

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