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Contracts are more than just words on paper; they often detail the legal rights and legal responsibilities for every party to a contract. Contracts are also about relationships. In major projects, there are dozens of contracts and contractual relationships – all separate yet interlinked – and these must be managed carefully, as the legal aspects must work in tandem if a project is to be realized.

There are also hundreds of legal rules involved in any project, from contract law, competitive bidding law, agency law, and employment law, all the way to tax law and negligence law, which could apply in any given circumstance in private or public contracting. Knowing which laws apply; how they apply and what can be done to minimize the legal risks inherent in any project is essential for any purchaser who is managing contracts.

Our 1-day and 2-day Secrets of Contract Management workshops examine the laws which apply to public and private contract management, offer tips and tricks for managing the many laws and people involved and highlight where purchasers can maximize contractual success in all five phases of a contract.

If your team is managing contracts in a public organization or in a private company in Canada, you need to know these laws. This course presentation can be customized so that your team can understand how your documents, policies and procedures interface with the laws of Canada. It is filled with helpful information, presented in an informal way, and is designed to help you and your organization reduce legal risk and improve your contracts. Bring your contract management questions and come away with highly valuable information that will help your contracting team save time and money.


In a one-day seminar, workshop participants will learn:

  • The roles and responsibilities of managing contracts;
  • The laws governing contract formation, enforcement and breach;
  • How to effectively enforce and manage contractual performance;
  • How to control “maverick purchasing” and prevent it in future;
  • How to lawfully negotiate changes to the contract after signing;
  • How to manage contractual obligations in the specialized world of public sector procurement; and
  • How to minimize corporate and personal liability.

In a two-day seminar, workshop participants will learn all of the above, plus we cover important aspects of:

  • The laws of agency and how to manage these specialized contracts;
  • The laws of competitive bidding;
  • What could and should be done in competitive public and /or private sector procurement;
  • And more!


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An award-winning lecturer in law, Robert C. Worthington, LLB, has taught purchasers, contract managers and their legal counsel throughout Canada for 30 years, specializing in the laws of contract, competitive bidding and procurement. He has written three books on contract and procurement law, designed especially for contracting and purchasing professionals. All of Robert's publications and law seminars are entertaining as well as informative. For more information, please check out the links on this website.

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