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Canadian competitive bidding law continues to expand and evolve in interesting and potentially dangerous ways for Owners, Bidders, Prime Contractors, and Sub-Trade Bidders. These laws impact the rights, responsibilities, and remedies of all parties involved in the competitive bidding process. Only with knowledge can all parties manage the legal complexities of the procurement process safely. Secrets of Competitive Bidding Law examines the current state of competitive bidding law, details the recent (and occasionally startling) decisions of our Courts, and provides participants with the insight and awareness necessary to avoid the many pitfalls in this legally-charged area of procurement.

Topics in this year's program include:

• The Current State of Competitive Bidding Law in Canada
• The Supreme Court of Canada’s Most Recent Pronouncements
• Obligations of Owners (Public and Private) in Competitive Bidding
• Compliant Bidding and Waivers of Non-Compliance
• Negotiation with Bidders Prior to Award
• Using Independent Agents to Conduct Competitions
• Liability of Consultants and Project Managers in Competitive Bidding
• And more!

All Participants will receive a detailed set of course materials which include the latest cases and law available.

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About the Instructor:


An award-winning lecturer in law, Robert C. Worthington, LLB, has taught purchasers, contract managers and their legal counsel throughout Canada for 30 years, specializing in the laws of contract, competitive bidding and procurement. He has written three books on contract and procurement law, designed especially for contracting and purchasing professionals. All of Robert's publications and law seminars are entertaining as well as informative. For more information, please check out the links on this website.

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Robert C. Worthington
PO Box 2801
Sidney, B.C.  V8L 5Y9
Tel: 250-580-6044

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