Robert C. Worthington, LLB

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Ask about Robert's four books! There are three on purchasing and contract law, The Purchasing Law Handbook, The Public Purchasing Law Handbook and The Desktop Guide to Procurement Law. Must-have desktop references, these indispensable guides are written and designed especially for Canadian procurement professionals in the private and public sectors.

Negotiation: Principles, Tips and Tactics for Successful Deal-Making - This must-read publication is written in plain language for procurement professionals (it's a great guide for your legal counsel as well). It will help everyone who reads it to become a better negotiator! While Negotiation was written just for you, the busy contract and materials manager, it's a great read for anyone working in the professional world!

A flier containing information on all Robert's books is available HERE.

To order the Desktop Guide to Procurement Law, click HERE. The Guide is filled cover-to-cover with helpful tips, tricks, checklists and articles to bring you what you need to know about procurement law. Order today !

To download a fact sheet on The Desktop Guide, click HERE.

To order the Purchasing Law Handbook, click HERE.

To order the Public Purchasing Law Handbook, click HERE.

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