Robert C. Worthington, LLB

Author and teacher Robert C. Worthington guides you through the perils of contract and purchasing law with clarity and humour. A former barrister and award-winning university lecturer, he has written and taught legal education courses for 30 years, focusing on contract, competitive bidding and procurement law.


No time to attend our seminars? Ask about Robert's four books! There are three on purchasing and contract law, The Purchasing Law Handbook, The Public Purchasing Law Handbook and The Desktop Guide to Procurement Law. Must-have desktop references, these indispensable guides are written and designed especially for Canadian procurement professionals in the private and public sectors.

Robert's BRAND NEW fourth book, Negotiation: Principles, Tips and Tactics for Successful Deal-Making has been written for you, the busy procurement professional who negotiates day-to-day supply and services contracts. This indispensable, go-to guide will help you become a better negotiator and save you time and money. Your legal counsel is going to love reading it, too!

To order Negotiation: Principles, Tips and Tactics for Successful Deal-Making, click HERE. This practical, easy-to-follow guide offers valuable insight into the laws related to negotiating contracts, and provides an overview of the relevant legal principles and related cases, as well as tactics, tips, strategies, and many illustrative examples.

A flier containing information on all Robert's books, is available HERE.

To order the Desktop Guide to Procurement Law, click HERE. The Guide is filled cover-to-cover with helpful tips, tricks and checklists and articles to bring you what you need to know about procurement law. Order today !

To download a fact sheet on The Desktop Guide, click HERE.

To order the Purchasing Law Handbook, click HERE.

To order the Public Purchasing Law Handbook, click HERE.

Legal Training Materials
As a writer on the subjects of contract, competitive bidding and procurement law, Bob has penned training manuals for numerous federal, provincial and municipal governments, crown corporations, universities, professional procurement organizations and private companies.

seminar instruction
As a teacher of law, Bob’s abilities are first-rate. His courses have been enthusiastically received in cross-Canada teaching tours for over three decades. He teaches non-lawyers the laws they need to know to do their work with understanding and awareness. There’s no legalese in his seminars – just straight talk and straight answers. Bob makes learning law fun!

keynote presentations
Bob's refreshing presentation style makes him a popular keynote speaker and conference headliner. He takes potentially boring subjects and makes them interesting and amusing. His speaking engagements, spanning two decades, have included presentations at numerous round tables, symposiums and conventions.

what you need to know
If you work in procurement, supply or materials management, or with contracts or competitive bids, you need to know what the legal rules are. Bob Worthington makes these complex legal issues easy to understand and apply to your everyday work. Need to know about procurement law? Bob is your man.

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